Have you ever considered volunteering and giving back to your community? Would you like to know how you can contribute to effectual and positive change in Maastricht?

Find the answers to your questions and meet new people at our volunteer info evening on March 4, from 19:00 to 21:00.

The evening will consist of a short presentation followed by time for you to get to personally meet the Mondiaal team over free snacks and drinks. You’ll learn about our different areas of activism and expertise (Climate Action, Global Goals, Global Citizenship, and the Shelter City Project), our current and planned projects, and about our partners in Maastricht.

Most importantly, you will experience the familiar and relaxed yet productive and down-to-business Mondiaal dynamic firsthand. Free snacks and drinks are included!😜

Any questions? Contact us at: general@mondiaalmaastricht.nl