SDG House Network launches a new national SDG Traineeship

SDG House Network launches a new national SDG Traineeship

SDG House Network and TheRockGroup (TRG) are jointly starting a new national SDG Traineeship program to introduce 500 young people to sustainable and social entrepreneurship. The young people will be trained to become true SDG professionals. The program offers young people a unique opportunity to develop themselves and improve their career prospects in a growing sector of companies committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The traineeship will take place with more than a hundred clients: companies, start-ups and municipalities.

The first tranche of this SDG Traineeship starts on March 1, 2021, the deadline for the first tranche is at the end of January 2021. The subsequent tranche of the SDG Traineeship will start in September 2021.

COVID-19, the climate protests, anti-racism protests and other public campaigns show that young people are ready to make an impact; the SDG Traineeship introduces the power of change of this new generation to companies, organizations and governments.

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Happy International Human Rights Day

🎉 Happy #InternationalHumanRightsDay!

On December 10th of 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Human rights are at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as in the absence of human dignity we cannot hope to drive sustainable development.

Celebrate this evening by joining Shelter City - For Human Rights Defenders events 👇

📆 19:30 join Shelter City Nijmegen’s online café and learn and talk about Human and LGBTIQ rights with Shelter city guest Nataliia, a journalist and defender of LGBTIQ rights in Russia.

📝 Register here

📆 19:30 Peace Brigades International – The Netherlands & Shelter City Utrecht are hosting a documentary night that will showcase the inspiring story of Victor Hugo Moreno Mina, a Colombian social leader of Afro-Colombian communities in the North of Cauca. Since a young age he is defending black people’s ethnic and territorial rights.

📺 Join here: Facebook Event

💡 Food for thought: Human Rights and the SDGs are “two sides of the same coin” (UNDP, 2019) – check out “The Human Rights Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals” developed by the Danish Institute of Human Rights, which illustrates various linkages between HR and the SDGs.

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Josselin - Congolese Human Rights Defender @ Studium Generale

👏 We are very happy to have received some powerful and meaningful insights from Josselin, human rights defender from the DRC and guest of our Shelter City Maastricht the programme, during his Studium Generale, Maastricht University lecture.

At the end of November, the war criminal Ntabo Taberi Alias ​​Sheka was sentenced to life imprisonment, partly with help of Josselin. The respective public trial had started in Goma, province of North Kivu, DRC back in November 2018. Ultimately, Sheka was declared guilty in regards to various charges including several war atrocities such as rape, child recruitment, murder, sexual slavery and more. Although the sentence will not undo his acts of cruelty, it does nourish hope for a more just and safe future. As Josselin put it:

“This trial gives a strong signal to all the other warlords who continue to violate massively human rights in eastern DRC that one day they will answer for their despicable acts. It also gives us the courage to move forward in the fight against ordinary and international crimes by supporting the victims”.

Congratulations on this victory to Josselin and his organisation Blessed Aid!

SDG House network launch

We’re proud to be part of the SDG House Network, a collaboration between 10 Dutch “SDG houses” 🏠!
🌏 By joining the network, we will connect citizens, social organizations, government institutions and businesses and empower local change-makers working towards achieving the #SustainableDevelopmentGoals.

CNME wins GDO Innovation Prize 2020 with SDG-project

Using visual art to make children known and involved with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. With this project, CNME has managed to connect the students of ten primary schools, culture and a far from easy subject: the world goals, jury. “Thinking about how to tell your story in images, translating with an image what you think (with a group) means the world goal. An eye-opener for many adults in this way, chapeau! ”

The 250 students in grade 8 who took the lesson "17 goals" (on the SDGs) last year (in grade 7) received a follow-up lesson this year. This time it was about mapping one's own actions in relation to the SDGs and CNME worked together with organizers and photographers of the Maastricht Photo Festival.

Exhibition for residents
The photos taken by the students were exhibited corona proof on the Tapijn site of the University in Maastricht. In this way, the SDGs also became more widely known among the residents of Maastricht. The banners with the photos will be used at various occasions and meetings to make education in Maastricht and the region more sustainable.

Lasting impact
“The innovation and inspiration lies in the collaboration with new parties”, says CNME director Anouk Viegen, who happily accepted the prize on behalf of project leader John Steijns. Nathalie Ummels of Mondiaal Maastricht was also happy with the prize and the project. “The photos and reactions were moving. This experience has a lasting impact on the children. ”

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