Mondiaal Maastricht is a knowledge center for Sustainable Development (SDGs or Global Goals), Global Citizenship and Climate Action. The issues that our society is facing today are urgent, complex and global in nature: transition to a sustainable society, tackling the climate crisis and strengthening democracy and citizenship.

For most people in Maastricht these topics are difficult to grasp and relevant parties do not find each other sufficiently. This is where Mondiaal Maastricht comes in.

The bridge from our logo symbolizes our function in the city: we build bridges towards citizens and between social organizations, knowledge institutions, municipality and companies. Our aim is to raise awareness and to connect and empower local changemakers.

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Volunteers make up Mondiaal’s backbone. Divided into five teams, volunteers focus on climate action, the SDG’s, global citizenship, the Shelter City project, and on strategy and communications. Together, they work to improve the community around them.

We need you to join us and volunteer for a better Maastricht!

Not only does volunteering allow you to give back to your community, it also has tangible benefits for you, the volunteer. It increases your confidence, teaches you new skills, and keeps you active!

Most importantly, volunteering is social. Joining Mondiaal means more than just joining a group of volunteers. It means joining a close-knit family dedicated to improving our community.

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"Change starts here"

— Nathalie Ummels, coordinator Mondiaal Maastricht

At Mondiaal Maastricht we work hard to create a more equal, inclusive, peaceful and sustainable future for Maastricht and the rest of the world. We focus on three main theme’s: Sustainable Development (Global Goals), Global Citizenship and Climate Action.

Together with other organisations, we share our expertise, organize awareness campaigns and create networks for change.

For Maastricht citizens, Mondiaal  Maastricht functions as a hub for the Global Goals, Climate Action and Global Citizenship. We organize easily accessible activities such as workshops and lectures that enable people to become acquainted with these complex and urgent global issues in a meaningful way.

Mondiaal Maastricht also organizes the Shelter City Maastricht program for human rights defenders, the El Dunya World Festival in May and the Act for Global Goals Day in September each year.


Inspired? Join us! We are always looking for new volunteers.

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