Farewell Martin Starren

On June 18th, we said goodbye to Chairman Martin Starren. Martin took over the chairmanship of Mondiaal Maastricht after the death of Chairman Hans van Hees in October 2016. He has led the foundation with great dedication and we are grateful that he will remain involved as an advisor to the board until the end of 2018.

When he left, Martin indicated that he looked back with great satisfaction and pleasure on the seven and a half years that he, as Treasurer and later as Chairman, was allowed to be part of the board. That would not have been possible without the cooperation of all those people, volunteers, interns, coordinators – who feel involved in the objectives that Mondiaal Maastricht stands for.

Welcome Guido Reehuis

Guido Reehuis (36) took over from Martin Starren on 18 June. Guido is Director of Administrative-Legal Affairs at Maastricht University.

“I’m originally from Venlo, but came to Maastricht for my studies. After a couple of years abroad, I am now living again in Maastricht (Borgharen), together with my wife Céline. Céline is originally from Canada and when I ask her why she doesn’t want to leave Maastricht, she answers that the combination of local culture and international character appeals to her. I share that sentiment. For me it is important that you can be active locally, but at the same time feel connected to the rest of the world. I believe that many small acts – whether about sustainability, or asking for attention for (political) freedom and human rights – together lead to great impact. That conviction makes me proud that I, together with a team of enthusiastic and practical people, will form the board of Mondiaal Maastricht. After all, Mondiaal Maastricht has the goal to connect our local lives with the global world, for example by actively engaging in sustainable development goals (SDGs), but also in human rights (the Shelter City initiative). ”