Mondiaal Maastricht is a passionate, almost 40 year old local NGO, based in Maastricht. Our organization supports the transition to a sustainable, just and inclusive Maastricht society from a global perspective.

Solidarity with each other and with the world around us is what drives us. The bridge from our logo symbolizes our function in the city: as knowledge broker we build bridges towards citizens and between organizations for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG House Maastricht

Shelter City Maastricht

Climate Action Network

Act for Global Goals Festival

Common Ground Festival

SDG Youth & Education

"One human family, one Earth community with a common destiny" - The Earth Charter

The Board of Mondiaal Maastricht consists of 6 enthusiastic people who each contribute to the mission of Mondiaal Maastricht from their own expertise:

  • Martijn Weyenberg (Chairman)
  • Nel Knapen (Secretary)
  • Martin Starren (Treasurer)
  • Karin Gielen (member)
  • Simon Gobert (member)
  • Kim Rekko (member)

Coordinator Nathalie Ummels is in charge of the day-to-day management and is responsible for making and implementing policy and managing the volunteers.

Team: there is a core team of (paid) volunteers who in turn manage teams of unpaid volunteers. We can use a lot of enthusiastic help, especially for our larger activities and festivals.

Interns, project groups, researchers: pupils, students and researchers are very welcome at Mondiaal Maastricht for an internship, conducting research or carrying out a project.

Partners: Mondiaal likes to collaborate! We are looking to build sustainable partnerships with local change makers: passionate organizations and people who, just like us, are committed to creating a better world.