At Mondiaal Maastricht, we all come to work because we believe that it is our responsibility to sustain a meaningful life in Maastricht. We are a center for international debate, education, and awareness, with a strong focus on issues like globalization, human rights, which are all part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are continuously looking for ways to bring people and groups from diverse backgrounds in contact with each other.

All we have is this world and we believe that the change needed for its health begins with the health of our local communities.





"To increase awareness and transparency on important local issues and make the SDGs more efficient and cooperative between all citizens and organizations in Maastricht."

Mondiaal Maastricht is a foundation with a Board of Directors. The Coordinator, Nathalie Ummels, is responsible for shaping policies and carrying out day-to-day activities. She is supported by a team of volunteers and interns.