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👏 We are very happy to have received some powerful and meaningful insights from Josselin, human rights defender from the DRC and guest of our Shelter City Maastricht the programme, during his Studium Generale, Maastricht University lecture.

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At the end of November, the war criminal Ntabo Taberi Alias ​​Sheka was sentenced to life imprisonment, partly with help of Josselin. The respective public trial had started in Goma, province of North Kivu, DRC back in November 2018. Ultimately, Sheka was declared guilty in regards to various charges including several war atrocities such as rape, child recruitment, murder, sexual slavery and more. Although the sentence will not undo his acts of cruelty, it does nourish hope for a more just and safe future. As Josselin put it:

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“This trial gives a strong signal to all the other warlords who continue to violate massively human rights in eastern DRC that one day they will answer for their despicable acts. It also gives us the courage to move forward in the fight against ordinary and international crimes by supporting the victims”.

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